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What can you do with the superpowers of data?

Explore how the application of data analysis can transform aggregate information into meaningful insights for your business. These data projects incorporate different aspects of data engineering, data visualization and data analysis that can all be applied to solve “real life” problems to make best decisions. I hope you have some fun while exploring them.

Wrangling, normalizing, architecting and unveiling the tales data collections hold within benefits all aspects of business. I have used the technologies illustrated in the projects linked below to enable entrepreneurs choose optimal business locations, allocate advertising expenditures efficiently and improve productivity by automating tasks.

If you would like to explore what data engineering and analytics can do for you or how I can be of service to your organization, please do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Cash for COVID, Clean Machine Pipeline

Unprecedented access to nationwide small business loan data from the Paycheck Protection Program explored using Big Data and Machine Learning tools. ETL pipeline project.

Environment: SQL, Python, Python Pandas, PySpark, Scikit-learn, Google Colab, HTML, CSS, ETL, PostgresSQL, JavaScript, Pipeline

Legal or Illicit Forensic Analysis

Exploration of weakened regulation in the massage industry of San Diego through forensic analysis and visualization of engineered, web scraped data.

Environment: Geocoding, Plotly, Google Maps, Python, Scrapy, Pandas, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, NLTK, HTML, CSS, Google Sheets, Excel

Statistical Analysis Stars of L.A.

Analysis of the Los Angeles food scene and finding a few “bad actors” along the way. Munging, expunging data extracted courtesy of the Yelp Developer API. Data analysis, visualization and google mapping.

Environment: Python, Pandas, Google Maps, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Excel

CMS Hospital Payments

Map of CMS payments to teaching hospitals in 2018. API pull and map script in Python.

Environment: Python, Socrata API, Plotly.js, Google API, Tableau

Chrome Browser Grub or Grubby?

Google Chrome extension/application displays health code violation data for restaurants. Query two Los Angeles City API data sources to display most recent restaurant inspections on Yelp restaurant pages.

Environment: API, JavaScript, Google Developer

Tableau for the City

Visualization dashboard exploring the user data from the popular NYC bike sharing program. Automated data retrieval with Python Requests and Beautiful Soup libraries. Harnessed the power of Tableau GIS capabilities to map bikes by location and traffic pattern. Created an eye-catching display of frequency and gender use graphics, using Tableau dashboard charting.

Environment: Python, Requests and Tableau


Realtime data earthquake visualization from U.S.G.S API data. Leverage GIS U.S. government data for geo-mapping visualization which allows the user interface with dynamic earthquake activity.

Environment: Python, Leaflet, D3.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, API

Dirty Rats Machine Learning

Machine learning predictive analysis to identify potential rodent infestations in Los Angeles, California restaurants with 87.8% accuracy. Information sourced from Yelp Developer API and Los Angeles, California open government program. Data engineered through processes of normalization, cleansing and modification to meet requirements of machine learning modalities.

Environment: Python, Python Pandas, Scikit-Learn

Single Page C.R.U.D

Database management via web application. Single page template to allow easy integration into existing website. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) user interface. PHP back end for ease of deployment in likely hosting choices for small business clients.

Environment: PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS