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Gender, jobs saved and other people features

The default on this map is set to select gender “Female” and the business category “Construction”. The primary reason for this is to reduce the number of datapoints that load every time that the page refreshes. What struck me is that what is generally perceived as a male dominated industry does seem to have a significant number of women owned businesses. Of course, this only reflects those that applied for loans, and if a higher number of women applied for these loans proportionate to men, the results could be skewed. Addtionally, the construction category is broad and this map does not account for subcategories such as interior design.

Of the 20 percent who were answered personal information prompts, the vast majority responded only to the gender question and female is represented by pink, male by blue. The map is set to filter the construction category by female gender and it seems like women are a substantial portion of what is traditional a male dominated field. That being said, The category for construction contains many subcategories and granular analysis may shift that perception.

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Visualization of Gender, jobs saved and other people features

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